Fight for Her

The entire Fight for Her four-book series is now available in a single boxed set.

Fight for Her Complete

Fight for Her #1

What do you do when you’ve just lost everything?

You fight.

For four years, I’ve been punching and kicking my way through hundreds of unworthy MMA opponents.

For four years, I’ve kept seeing her face. Maddie’s face. My one great love.

After a brutal cage match that sent me to the ER, Maddie took off across the country. Six months pregnant. She left to have my baby as far from me as she could. No more violence, she said. No fighting.

I had to live with it. I had no choice.

But last night I got a phone call from my little girl, asking me to come to her fourth birthday party. Her friends all have daddies, she said. Would I be hers?

Damn right I will.

I decide that when I get to New York, I’m not going to care about Maddie. I’m not going to even look at her.

But I do. And the moment I see her again, I know one thing is true.

This ain’t over.

Fight for Her #2

Only one person in the world could get me and Maddie back together.

Our little girl.

But just when I feel like we’ve got it made, I lose an MMA fight, a big one. I take a blow that might have killed anyone else.

For a while, we don’t even know if I’ll be able to fight again.

But the bone-crunching footage goes viral, and the world is calling for a rematch.

Surely one more fight will be enough. The money means Maddie and I can make a new start.

But my old enemies have noticed my sudden fame. And they want to make sure my career, and maybe even my life, goes nowhere.

Whether I fight them in the cage or in the street, this time I have everything to lose.

Fight for Her #3

They took her. 

I can’t believe it.

Striker and his thug fighter friends kidnapped Maddie.

I don’t know how, or when, or where, but there will be vengeance.

And there is one thing I can guarantee.

I will be the last man standing.

Don’t start this one late at night if you have to go to work in the morning.

Fight for Her #4

Maddie has left me again, and I can’t blame her.

I failed to protect her.

I don’t even know if I deserve her and Lily.

But I’m determined to make things right.

First, I’m going to find her father. He’s been living on the streets too long. That has to end.

Second, I’m going to give up this career. If she wants me to sit behind some security desk, I’m going to do it. For us.

But when Maddie’s father turns up in the hospital, and she flies into town to see him, I learn something that changes everything.

Someone I used to call a friend has threatened my little girl. 

The game has changed, and now the only person who’s determined enough to win is the one who almost bowed out.