Friday, 5 September 2014

Available TODAY!! Blue Shoes by JJ Knight

BLUE SHOES Volume 1 / Morris Music #6

Jess Rivera is a young music executive engaged to Morris Music's hottest rock star: Dylan Wolf.

She wears a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger, and everyone wants to know when they're getting married.

Between Dylan's screaming fans who chase him everywhere, plus their glamorous L.A. lifestyle, the couple can hardly get a moment alone together.

That's why they're planning a secret wedding.

But when a visit to a bridal gown boutique goes terribly wrong, all their romantic plans are ruined.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against the couple's love. Is it just bad luck, or is someone trying to destroy Dylan Wolf?

BLUE SHOES Volume 1 is the first in a 3-part series about Jess Rivera and Dylan Wolf. This is the same couple from JJ KNIGHT's 5-part REVENGE series, but BLUE SHOES can be enjoyed without having read the earlier books.




Books 2 and 3 (this is a 3-part series) are coming in September 2014.

Blue Shoes is a 3-book series
that can be read on its own,
or following Revenge!

A young intern is swept up in a dangerous game with a rock star in REVENGE, a romantic thriller.

Readers LOVE JJ Knight's debut series, Revenge!

"Revenge is a roller coaster ride from start to finish and I loved every word!"

- Amazon reviewer Laurie Johnson

"(The series) has moved me and I have enjoyed every moment that JJ has left me with. Thank you. I look forward to whatever you bring me next... GAWD so much drama, I LOVED IT."
- Amazon reviewer

"One of the best damn book series I have read in a long while..."
- Amazon reviewer Heidi Keil

"This book moved me in ways that make me want to say something profound. I found tears and laughter. Love and betrayal, and music. If love makes the world go around, then the music is the blood, because with love, you have hate and everything in-between, just like this set of books does. And what a perfect ending to this series."
- Amazon reviewer DonnaHok

"These books are hot! I would recommend these books to anyone looking for a great read with an engaging story."
- Amazon reviewer Iowa Gal

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