Monday, 23 February 2015

USA Today bestseller list for JJ! Wow! Crying!

When I got asked to contribute a funny short story to LOL #3, at first I was all -- but I'm not funny!

Intense? Sure. I have all the MMA fighters pounding each other.
Fast paced? Absolutely. We all remember waiting for Maddie to get rescued.
Cliffhangers? Oh yeah. Jo jumping out of a moving limo--nailed it.

But funny.

I could try.

I knew Zero would be my best shot at it, so I sat down and wrote Vegas Holiday, where Jo is planning her wedding, things are going wrong in every direction, and Zero steps in to help. Only a misdirected Tweet makes his ex think HE is the one getting married, and craziness ensues.

I'm so glad a few you found the story funny. I fretted over it.

But look now! The USA Today Bestseller list!

So amazing. So so amazing.

THANK YOU. I have the best fans in the world.