Thursday, 2 August 2018

Reckless Attraction: Sexy Excerpt

We hold hands as we walk through the bedroom to an incredible gold and white bathroom. In the center is a giant whirlpool bathtub recessed into the floor.
“You know we have to try this out, don't you?” I say.
She can't take her eyes off it. “Totally.”
We feel like kids playing in a grown-up world. The room is huge, with gold faucets and tall ceilings. You could fit a normal hotel room inside.
I sit next to the faucets at one end and work out which one is hot and cold.
Chloe kicks off her shoes. “This is the most amazing thing. Especially after a night like we've had.”
“Agreed.” I look around for a way to stop the water from draining out of the tub, and finally spot a small handle by my elbow. I turn it, and sure enough, the large gold circle in the center drops down until it’s perfectly flush with the bottom of the tub.
When I look up again, Chloe has already pulled off her gray hoodie. Underneath is a tiny red tank top. I swallow involuntarily. She unzips her jeans and slides them over her hips. Forget the tub, I am completely involved in what she's doing.
She catches me and smiles. “Did you want to do the honors?”
“I’m perfectly content to sit here and watch you.”
She steps out of the jeans and leaves them crumpled on the floor.
Now she's just in the tank and a pair of bright yellow panties. I'm about to lose my mind. I untie my shoes and toss them aside along with my socks. I drop my feet into the water, which has risen to about a foot deep.
“How is it?” Chloe asks.
“Could stand a little more heat.”
She laughs. “Please tell me those are not pickup lines.”
“I'm pretty sure I already picked you up.”
“I picked you up. In my car.”
I adjust the hot water and pull my shirt over my head. Chloe still stands there in her tank top and panties.
“I'm ready for the rest of that to go,” I say.
“All right.”
She grasps the bottom of the shirt and inches it up. By the time she's even got it partway, my dick has risen ahead of it.
She lifts it so slowly, it's painful. But when the shirt reveals those beautiful perky breasts, it is totally worth the wait.
She tosses the shirt to the jeans.
“Ready for the rest?” she asks.
“That's a definite yes.”
Her thumbs ease down the panties with the same agonizing slowness of her shirt. It takes all of my self-control not to leap over the edge of the tub and yank them the rest of the way down.
She laughs. “You should see your face right now.”
“It's not my face that's important,” I say.
She is a glorious sight. As she sits on the edge of the tub, I jerk my fight shorts away in one swift move and toss them behind me.
Chloe drops her feet into the water to rest on a bench. “It feels amazing,” she says.
I slide down the edge and head over to her. It's a deep bath, more like a hot tub.
She glances down. “You look happy to see me.”
Her sitting there so casually, completely naked, is my undoing.
I grab her knees and spread them wide. She sucks in a breath, her hands moving to my shoulders.
It’s beautiful. All the lights are on, and I can see every inch of her. Her thighs are gorgeously tan, leading to a tiny white triangle the sun hasn’t kissed.
But I will. In a bit.
Right now, I’m not willing to wait. I clasp my hands beneath her and pull her body straight onto me.
She gasps a little as I fill her in one bold stroke.
I take a step back to the center of the tub, and her knees lock around me. Her arms encircle my neck. I don't pause, but move inside her.
She buries her face in my chest, small moans against my skin.
This is just a starter, so I push hard, slamming her body against mine, then away, and back. Her fingernails dig into my shoulder, driving me wild, and I increase the pace.
She cries out, her legs tightening. I remember her sounds from last weekend, the build up. When I know she’s with me, her body responding in the way that is uniquely Chloe, I unleash inside her.
“Hudson, Hudson, Hudson.” My name on her lips is perfect. I hold her tightly against me, still feeling the pulse of her around me.
When she finally relaxes, her body spent, we sink down into the water. Little jets turn on, surprising us both.
“How did that happen? Chloe asks.
I give a little chuckle. “Well, sometimes a man meets a woman, and they decide they are ready to move to the next level—”
She smacks me on the arm. “No, I mean, the jets.”
I examine the little spurts of water coming out. “If I had to hazard a guess, they come on when the water level is high enough for them to safely operate,” I say.
“Well, I like it,” she says, “Do you?”
I draw her in close. “I like you.”
“I kinda got that,” she said.
“Did you now? What was your first clue?”
She laughs and cuddles in close to me. I wrap my arms around her.
“This is perfect,” Chloe says. “Absolutely perfect.”
I agree.
From her pants on the floor, her phone buzzes. Chloe goes stiff for a moment, then settles down again.

That's right, I think. Ignore it. Leave the world where we can't agree on anything outside these doors. We have a beautiful night ahead. This is just the first round.

The trilogy ends August 10!

Reckless Attraction Vol. 1

I wish this were the usual love story.
Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love.
They live happily ever after.
But it’s not.

In this one, I find the most awesome girl. Chloe. Smart. Funny. Sexy as sin. With convictions. She takes risks for what she believes in.

We connect. Completely. Awesomely. It’s literally the best feeling.

But then she screws me over. I wind up in f*ing jail.

The worst part?
I still can't get enough of her.
Read my story and tell me what the hell to do.
Fans of Uncaged Love and Fight for Her will see their favorite characters Colt & Jo and Parker & Maddie as they try to help this MMA fighter and his new love untangle their destiny.

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Reckless Attraction Vol. 2

Chloe, you’ve taken my heart.
I know we’ve got this huge problem between us.
You want to MMA to go away.
And I can’t give it up.
But cut me some slack here.
What is going on between us is rare. Perfect.
It needs our protection.
Say you’ll give it a chance.

Hudson, you know I feel as strongly as you do.
And you’ve charmed me into your heart and your bed.
You showed me things I didn’t know existed.
And brought out emotions I never thought I could feel again.

But we have to fact some facts.
You do terrible, violent things.
And I can’t live with it.
My job is my life, and my mission is the right one.
You do nothing but hurt people.
I make it right.
So it’s time for you to choose.
Or me.

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Reckless Attraction Vol. 3

The final book in the heart-pounding trilogy about an MMA fighter and the woman who seeks to end the sport he loves.

It’s happened.
The illegal MMA circuit has gone after Chloe.
Everything is upside down.
Friends are enemies.
Old battle lines have been redrawn.

It’s not just about the sport anymore.
It’s about saving the love of my life.

She can reject me in the end.
But for now, I have to make sure she gets that chance.

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